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Since it would take approximately forever to screencap every line of dialog in these chapters, I've decided to just make videos of the important parts, screencap the rest, and combine them all into one big update. Let's do this thing!

Chapter 18's intro, revealing that we have the most awesome former landlord of all time.

Castile's scene.

There's no telling where we're going if the power must be growing!


Well, this part of the island looks familiar, at least. As with the previous times, there's only a few enemies, but you'll be fighting Unarmed due to the Protections this fish is giving off. And you can't simply destroy it, confine to it or knock it off the map, either, due to it receiving some annoying Protections of its own. Not that you really need to; you should have a few characters who can handle some Summons barehanded.

Hello again, sir Wraith.

To suffer slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...

Wraith's only got a Summon and a Ghost backing him up, but a few objects around the field are giving him some Protections, including one we haven't seen before - "Avoided 15dm" will keep your characters a fair distance away from him at all times until it's lowered. This actually works somewhat in your favor, though - while you'll have to use distance attacks on him, he won't be able to use his own attacks on too many of your characters at a time.

Healing spell from out of nowhere!

Well, everyone's coming to back us up.

Off we go.

Well, we have defeated him several times before.

Here be a Disney-esque guilt speech.

Or not.


Rather forgettable warriors, unite!

The shortest chapter intro of all time.

Whole bunch of Manticores. High leveled ones to boot. Fortunately, most of them have pretty awful titles, and they like to equip the rocks and crystals strewn about, which will seriously hamper their Speed. Not much to say about this one, really; just bust out your best fighters and mop them all up.

Curse you, endless swarms of Manticores!

I don't know, I'm down with getting a smaller share of the incoming beatings.

This board is quite possibly the toughest in the entire game, not so much for the enemies as the severe lack of confinable objects. There are only three on the board, and two of them are right in the Manticores' midst. Your best bet here is to equip Marona with something that will give a major speed boost when Confined to (and one of your phantoms with a speed-boosting weapon like a Knife), then have her toss it just outside the Manticores' movement range. Don't confine your speedy right away, though - if you wait a few turns, the Manticores will pick up and wield one another, which will lessen their numbers significantly. After that, Confine them and then move Marona up so that she can keep that phantom's health topped off. Once his time on the field is almost up, you'll want to use the two Crystals as confinement fodder, and then any of your own phantoms' weapons that drop once they're removed.



Holy shit!

At this point, we're going to need a small nuclear device.

Or some convenient backup.

Bijou's here too, it seems.

Boy, they invited everybody, didn't they?

Sounds good to me.

They're like gerbils!


A tough map followed up with a relatively easy one. There's just a lot of Summons here - no real strategy needed.


Thank you again, forgettable warriors!

Intro in disguise.

Slightly tougher knights. This is a large map, but it's really not that hard since they're too few and spread out to be very dangerous. There's also a couple of objects receiving Permanent protection, so put those to use on your strongest Phantoms.


Looks like even Raphael isn't free from Sulphur's influence.


This one's pretty tough. The knights are in a much tighter group this time, and Raphael has some amazingly high speed. Fortunately, the knights (and Raph himself) are pretty passive, and won't attack you unless you move within their range first, which allows you to slowly advance forward and pick them off in smaller groups. Deck everyone out with speed-bumping weapons (like Weeds and Daggers) Take out all the Knights, then use your best attacks on Raphael.

Well, there goes our hopes for another non-generic party member.

But at least we got a pretty kickass weapon out of the deal.

Alright, on to the final clash.

Wait, you've been here the whole time?!

So powerful he can even go toe-to-toe with this unholy terror.

Explosions ensue.

Mission all over?

Guess not.

Holy shit, we're trapped in the movie Alien! Run!

Savin' the world.

We're in trouble.

We're really in trouble!

Yep, we have to fight Sprout. And he's receiving some really good Protections to boot. Fortunately, those are easy to deal with; the dark blue coloring is a dead giveaway as to which items are giving off the Protections, and there are plenty of confinable objects around to use. Definitely take out this Speed one, first, though, preferably with Ash, an Archer, or someone else with Quick Attack. From there, go for the Attack, then the Defense one, then hack away at Sprout. Save some of your SP though, you'll want it for the next battle.

If you want his sword, disarm him with a Hurricane Slash and then use one of your Bottlemails to snag it. Hell, even if you don't, just disarm him anyway; he won't try to reclaim his sword, and it'll take a lot of edge off his stats and skills.

Sulphur's big scene. Looks like he's not done yet.

Well, shit. He's receiving Invinicible protections from four different crystals on the field, and he's definitely no slouch in the offense department. In fact, his Terminate attack will hit everyone around him for 5000-6000 damage, and probably level him up in the process!

Top priority is, of course, to take out those crystals making him invinciible; again, they're a darker shade of blue, which makes them easier to spot. Confine your fastest Phantoms nearby them and eliminate them, then turn on Sulphur, trying to keep your party spread out so that he can't hit too many people at once with his Terminate or Omega-leveled elemental spells. Bringing in a couple of extra high-leveled Healers will also help; keep them well away from Sulphur's movement range, and use them to keep everyone on their feet with Revive. From there, just unload on Sulphur with ranged attacks and attacks that do knockback; preventing him from getting into the midst of a group and Terminating them is the key to this battle.

Walnut redeems himself in the eyes of the fans.

We're finally at the credits roll, interspersed with a few conclusive scenes.

Credits and final scene.

The end.
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Another double update? Hell, we're near the end, we might as well.

Sounds like a trap to me.

Here we go again.

Cue monsters.

Only three Summons on the first board (giving some nice bonuses at that), though annoyingly they're all beaming out Unarmed to every confinable object on the board, so you'll have to take them on barehanded. If you've fused some decent skills, this shouldn't pose too much trouble.




A Behemoth and a Cerberus on one side, a Dragon and a Lizardman on the other, and a Summon boosting their strength by a good amount. Go for the Behemoth and Cerberus team first; knock the Summon off the board to get rid of its Protections, then take them out one at a time. Repeat for the other side.

This next map is pretty easy; just a handful of Summons and a single Ghost to deal with, with the group nearest you getting some major HP penalties from the bones and skulls they're carrying. There's a fish on the far corner giving out an Invincibility protection, but it's pretty far out of the way, and you probably won't need it anyway.

Ol' Sulphur's avatar, I believe.

This next board's also very familiar looking, with a Cerberus, Fenrir, two Funguys, and a handful of Summons to deal with. Don't bother binding anyone to the two objects this chest is Grounding, but anything else is fair game. Just take out the Funguys first (so they don't steal your equipment) and this shouldn't be very hard.

The fifth battlefield's also not too hard. There's a small group of summons getting No O.B. and Slippery protections, which makes them slide all over the place when they move around (or get hit). In other words, you can keep them at bay easily while they rarely get a hit in themselves if you use skills that do knockback. They also start in pretty close proximity to one another, making them prime targets for your Mages or Grenades.

Wernstrom! Err, wait a minute...

Note to self: never accept mail postmarked "Hall of Death."

They weren't all so bad, actually.

Hell-bent on taking us out, even if it destroys him in the process.

Just doesn't get it, does he?

This fight is very much like our last encounter - Walnut's alone, but every confinable object on the board is receiving negative protections. It's a bit tougher this time, though, as you're now taking 20% damage every turn too. Still, just keep your party spread out and come at him with your best attacks and this should be over quickly.

Also like last time, there's a lone neutral monster on the other side of the board guarding a rare item - a Changebook this time. If you want it, you'll have to have someone with a high Throw (like an Archer) toss Marona over there, then use a Bottlemail to scoop it.

By the power of Grayskull!

Well, shit.

Having guilted Walnut into submission, Sprout leaves just as abruptly as he appeared.

Well, I was trying to be nice.

Devoted to the end.

Forget angsty, he's full-blown emo now.

I forget, did I say Chapter 3 was the last one? If so, I retract that statement now.

How about we steal his boat? It's only fair.

Hello, unlikely rescue party!

Well hey, some good came of thieving after all.

THIS one's the final chapter. Promise!

Tune in next time for Episode 18, where the fights are few but the dialog is many.
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Bonus Youtube Vids


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A chapter with more than three battles? Been a while since we've had one of those.

Since about five seconds ago, apparently.

You can probably guess that we're nearing the end of the game, so we're wrapping up all those various subplots we've encountered.


Ah yes, I also did some more random dungeons in between chapters, and in the process unlocked several new classes.

Putty Monks! Pretty good with physical attacks, as well as being good at stealing. Five turns until they're removed from the field isn't too shabby either.

Shades, which have very high INT and SPD, as well as 6 Remove. Their proficiencies aren't spectacular though. Nevertheless, they make solid mages.

Disgaea fans ought to recognize our next class...

Prinnies! They're one of the more annoying classes to unlock, since they only appear in dungeons that specifically have the "Weird" enemy set (forcing you to reroll stats until you get one with that set). They have pretty good stats all around, though, and retain their trademark exploding - both coming into the field and leaving will generate a damaging explosion around them.

Bottlemails also only appear as random enemies in "Weird" dungeons. Like I explained earlier, they're pitifully weak, but they're easily the best class in the game for acquiring items. Their high Move, high Speed and low Remove also helps to this end.

Putty Smiths. Similar to your standard Blacksmith, but they can steal too.

Blobs. They possess extremely high DEF and RES (best of any class, in fact), but they're almost useless in a fight due to the fact that they're removed from the field after only a single turn. However, we can still have some fun with them by turning them into makeshift grenades.


How to make your very own Phantom Grenade!

First, make a Prinny. Name and stat points don't matter, since they're a throwaway.

Next, create a Blob. Buy as many stat points as you can and put them all into Speed. Affix a Title that adds to Speed as well.

Next, get 2000 Mana on your Blob. The quickest way to do this is to scrounge a few items from random dungeons via your Bottlemails.

Now fuse your spare Prinny to the Blob, and spend your Blob's 2000 Mana on acquiring the Big Bang and Parting Gift skills in the fusion.

Bingo, we now have our very own Grenade. Level him up a bit and you can use him to damage or kill off small groups of enemies by confining him to an object in their midst. When his turn comes up, just move him into their midst again and then end his turn and they'll be rocked by a second explosion for further damage.

You can make this even more effective by giving him Quick Attack, but you might want to hold off on that until your levels start to reach into the high hundreds - transferring that skill over costs at least 100,000 Mana.


Alright, we haven't checked the mail in a while, so let's see what we've got.


Oh god.

I can't say that'll help our image.

Alright, into the mission proper.

The twist we've probably all guessed already!

Ran all the way back up twenty-four floors! Not bad.

And we're off.

Fortunately, they're mostly the wimpy kind.

Marona's gone drill sergeant on us!


Our first battle's pretty simple. There's only a handful of Summons and Scrabbits to deal with, and we've definitely no shortage of confinable objects nearby. The Scrabbits also get a Mana x2 Protection from that watering can in their midst, so that's a bonus.

If you want to try out your Grenades on this map, you can Confine one of them to that watering can and watch them all die in one fell swoop.


Yep, another leveling board. Every enemy on the board's getting some minor buffs and penalties from this Phonograph, as well as doling out double Experience. Confinable objects are somewhat scarce, but still, this isn't too difficult.



Oh boy, more Keepout fields making it hard to get around. There's also a pesky sign that's giving a Defense -40% Protection to every confinable object within your reach. Fortunately, there are also a lot of pits, so that's easy to deal with. The enemies here are easily dealt with even with the fields if you have a few good mages; just stay out of their reach and take them out with spells. In order to lower the Keepouts and take out the last few stragglers, destroy or throw out the three skulls on the board.

Next map, featuring one high-level Hell Corgi and three Mimics on either end of the board. Better, they're all being weakened by the confinable objects nearby your starting point and give out Mana and Bor bonuses as well, making this a good bonus map. Mop up the Mimics quickly, then take out the Hell Corgi with your best attacks; he shouldn't be too difficult with a couple of high-leveled Phantoms coming at him.


You guessed it.


Endearingly cheesy.

Even moreso!

You start this map off in a bit of a jam; you're surrounded by five Summons, and the only confinable objects are at least two turns' distance away. There are two ways around this, though:

1) Toss Marona's currently equipped weapon behind her, confine someone with Quick Attack, then run as far as you can toward the boxes. When the next Phantom's turn comes up, have them toss her further down the board.
2) Equip Marona with a Weed before coming to this map, then use her added speed to run further down that way.

Either way, once you reach those crates, the rest of the board is a cake walk.


"Alright then, just stay here and get eaten by Summons!"

A falling out, eh?

Glowy doom!

A tough fight, but not so much for the enemies as the fact that it's a large board with scant few confinable objects. You may have to improvise a bit by having your characters toss their weapons out on the final turn as Confinement fodder for your backup troops.

At any rate, the brown Summons are kept behind a barrier of four colors of Keepout symbols, which are being created by the vases near the blue ones. The blue ones, however, are focusing their attacks on them, slowly lowering the barrier. Finally, there are two high leveled Hell Corgis and a Behemoth to deal with in the center.

I find the best strategy for this board is to get to the confinable objects south of the blue Summons first, and then take them out with one or two of your weaker Phantoms. Once the barrier's down, confine a couple more to face the brown ones as they come out (take out the one carrying the treasure chest first, as you can use it to confine). Finally, summon your strongest ones and pick off the Hell Corgis and Behemoth one at a time; move a character just outside of their movement range in order to lure them in, then focus all of your attacks on that enemy. Repeat for the other two.

Well, it's going to be pretty hard to not acknowledge him at all when he's the one that hired us to escort you out.

The thing he came all this way to get back, then carelessly dropped.

Ash decides to settle this before it gets too ugly.


Cheese ahoy.

More sunny days with our favorite anti-hero.

I think Walnut's the last guy I'd want to see if I were in a good mood.

Oy, that's going to piss him off.

We'll soon find out what that means for us.


Coming soon: Chapter 17, where we have yet another rematch.
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Bonus Youtube vids:


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Double update this week? Hell, why not.

I guess that's all they came to ask.

Our next quest awaits!

Keep this in mind the next time we play Six Degrees!


Soldier to the end.

Probably a bunch more Summons, judging from the last few chapters.

Seems wherever there's evil, the weather starts going screwy.

Sure enough!

I believe he's referring to the Rainbow Bird here.

Monsters draw near.

Our enemies on this map consist of a few manticores and Mermen, each getting some experience and mana bonus protections. Nothing too tough here; just rush in and start punching.

This one's a bit trickier, featuring a few Mermen and a level 60 Fenrir for you to deal with. The crystal being held by one of the Mermen is beaming out a No O.B. protection to all the other enemies on the board, to boot. The best way to deal with him is just to get someone in close (via the slippery terrain) and disarm or kill him, then destroy the crystal with another character. Then just have a third character throw the Fenrir off the board and the rest should be simple.

The next map is pretty tricky; there are a lot of pits (making it easy to slide off the board) and all of the Mermen enemies throw around powerful spells to boot. Fortunately, they're weakened offensively by the crystal in one of the corners of the board.

Keep the crystal alive so they can't one-shot kill you with their Giga spells, then try and toss out the Fenrir in the corner; he's holding a crystal that's broadcasting Sticky to most enemies and objects on the board. This will allow you to cover more ground with your moves, as well as cause a few enemies to slide themselves right off the board by mistake, leaving you with less work to do in the end.

Not too surprisingly, after this group of maps you'll probably unlock the Merman class. They're actually pretty powerful with both Normal Physical and elemental magic, making them a good all-purpose offensive unit.

They told me to burn things!

Nope. Bye!

The twist you probably already guessed!

Wait, you never realized that until right now?

Away we go.

Most of the confinable objects on this map are getting a Damage 10% Protection from the Summon in the center of the board. However, one tree near Marona's starting position is not. There are also a few objects on the far end of the board getting Defense +50% Protection from a treasure chest, so slide Marona over there and utilize those as well. From there, try to knock the Summon beaming out the Damage protection off the board, and then just deal with the rest of the group as they come.

On a side note, these last few maps are a fine place to put your Bottlemails to use on in order to acquire high-level Titles and Mana.


Oh, yes. Many times.

Heheh, whoops!

Looks like Ash isn't very good at this lying thing either.

Tune in next time, where more loose plot threads get tied up as we near the conclusion.
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Bonus Youtube vids:

Sienna's scene

 ~Spoony Spoonicus  §  at 02:41pm 11/27/09
Bonus Youtube Vids:

Sienna Scene

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Unfortunately, this entry is going to be shorter than it should since I accidentally overwrote my capture video, resulting in the first couple of scenes and battles being erased. Fear not, though, we've still got the important stuff covered. Moving on...

An unfamiliar addressee.

Guess we'll find out the identity of the mysterious Bijou soon.


In short, Bijou is really the imposter Raphael, who's apparently now in the employ of the Fighting Beasts (the Sulphur-posessed one we fought earlier was apparently a different person). Their leader, Drab, hasn't been heard from in a while, and the Hinterland is in the midst of an enormous heatwave, so he decided to ask you for help. Shortly after you set off, though, he gets beaten up by his fellow Fighting Beasts, as they're too proud to ask for help from a Chroma (especially one who's beaten them senseless before).

The first map is a pretty standard affair, with Fenrirs, Manticores, Healers and a few Summons all getting Heal 20% Protections. They're not too tough to beat; just take out the Healers first and then pick off the rest one at a time so they never get a chance to take advantage of their protections.

The second map is a bit trickier, leaving you stuck inside a Keepout field with a tough Fenrir and Manticore. Once both are defeated, the barrier will lower, allowing you to defeat the Summons outside. Just stay away from the edges at first so the Summons can't damage you and you should be fine.

Moving on to the third map...


All the enemies here give double experience, but there's a catch - all of the confinable objects on the board have Grounded, preventing you from moving if you bind a Phantom to them. The Binding effect is being projected from a tree on the far end of the board behind the enemy group, which is getting Invinciible protection from the three zombies on the board. I find the best way to deal with it is to toss Marona's current weapon past the group, confine Ash or someone with Quick Attack to it, and then have them knock the tree off the board with an attack. This will allow any other characters you confine to move freely, making the rest of the fight simple. Just be sure to keep Marona out of the enemies' reach before she gets her next turn.


Should I be honest and tell him I'm the person who beat up all his men a few chapters back?

Guess he figured it out.

Well, they do seem to be behind everything else that's going wrong lately.

This is a pretty standard brawl with some Summons, although you can make it even easier by reviving Drab and his men and letting them do most of the dirty work for you. By the time they're done, there will only be a couple stragglers on the edge of the map, but you can easily handle those yourself.


If that's what helps him get over the shock of being rescued by Marona, I guess.

Fake Raphael Bijou's voice is heard!


Mild annoyance ensues.

Always brightening up our day, the amazing Walnut and company.

I think there's a pretty famous story about a guy who used that same logic for a snake bite and died in the middle of performing a play.

A story link, perhaps?

He's on to you, sir.

Back to Phantom Isle for more fun.

There's also a fair amount that say I'm an agent of Sulphur and I've set up all these incidents for my own personal gain, but we won't get into that.

Why am I getting a vision of an anime version of "the Godfather" here?

Vaguely important item get!

(Actually, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly special about it; it's just a generic book item.)

It's the Rainbow Bird!

Guess that's where we're headed next.


Tune in next time, where we learn of more unlikely character links.
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Bonus Youtube vid:

Chapter 14 Intro
 ~Spoony Spoonicus on 10:48pm 09/25/08 (08:23pm 09/25/08) in 42m15s  §  4765 eyeballs
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I was going to post this Tuesday night, but our webhost was hitting some really dumb errors that prevented any and all access to the Waggoner. That seems to have finally sorted itself out, though.

In any case, this is the shortest chapter yet, featuring only two fights and four dialog scenes.

First, let's tie up some plot threads from the last entry.

Nope. Later!


We're rich..er!

Well, that settles that.


Well, now we know why the exact amount wasn't disclosed.

Technically, yes.

Not taking no for an answer.

Castile finally yields.


World map dialog!

Ominous signs in a place we visited many chapters back.

Mmyep, it's him again.

Ever the secretive one.

Three guesses as to what's happening next.

Hey, you guessed it!

Yeah. Not only is it another recycled map, this is pretty much another place to earn some easy Mana and Experience, since each one of these Werewolves is casting Protections to one another that not only weaken them, but cause them to give double bonuses. Of course, once you kill one, one of the Weaken 30% Protections will vanish on the other two, and once two are defeated the last will be full strength. So I guess the idea is to wipe them all out with one attack.

Hey, isn't that the elder from Episode 2?

It is!

You really need to ask?

Not much to say about this one, there's just a handful of Summons to fight. However, there's a Keepout barrier in the middle being created by this blob, which takes 40% damage every turn from a Protection on the other side. Left untouched, that barrier will come down in three turns, and you'll have a whole bunch more Summons to deal with. For this reason, you may actually wish to heal the thing until you've taken care of all the ones on your side first, then summon the rest of your Phantoms to deal with the Summons on the other side.


Ash has amnesia during this chapter or something.

Wielding crazy death-powers is probably hazardous to your health.

But I've been wrong before.

Ah, so that's what this is all about.

Apparently he can see Ash.


Tune in next week for Chapter 14, where we have another run-in with an old "friend."
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Bonus Youtube Vids:

Castile's scene

Sprout's scene
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It's been about four months since I touched this, but I said I would finish it, so I am!

And away we go.

Hey, don't worry about it. It was four months ago, so I've forgotten what it was.

Oh snap.

Can't be much better in here if Walnut's around.

"Even that Burger King on the corner won't hire an Oxide!"

Looks like we'll be meeting him soon.

You can probably already guess what it is.

Sulphur's minions seem strangely unkillable. This does not bode well.

We're treading familiar ground here.

Monsters have arrived!

Not much to say about this board, really. Several Summons, a Cerberus and a Behemoth, and no Protections to speak of. Just rush in and pummel them.

Looks like Castile's attempt at communication with Putty worked out.

Guess what the next board's major obstacle will be?

Both of you being drawn into the bowels of hell by Sulphur?

Another familiar looking board. This one has two Keepout zones, created by a pillar in either corner. The pillar's also getting Invincibility protection from three Summons on either side. However, there are also several confinable objects on either end of the Protections, so you can use those to take out the Summons fairly easily and not even bother with the pillars. Just be careful not to run out of Phantoms before they're all defeated.

Waldorf... I mean, Walnut!

"Actually, no. The Oxide business is in the toilet right now."

Still a douchebag.

Hey, he's going to help us for once.

Go Go Power Rangers!

Well, Walnut's on our side here, so that makes things considerably easier. The enemies are also slightly weakened and give a bit of extra experience due to Protections, so that helps too.

Sure is nice to see the guy throwing enormous waves of fire at someone else for a change.

Down and out.

If you have any doubt that Walnut and Faded are the same person, that should now be dispelled.

Even moreso now.

Ah, so that's what the whole Oxide business is about.

The return of the revenge of the Avatar of Sulphur!

Throw down!

Your enemies here are mostly Summons, which broadcast Sticky and No. O.B. to one another in groups of two. There's also the Wraith himself, who has several nasty attacks to throw at you, on the far end of the board. Take out the Summons near your starting point with a few of your lesser phantoms, and save your strongest for this tree, which grants several bonuses that will be handy when facing the Wraith.

Still dodging the question.

Well that was easy.


Your sunny attitude is a credit, sir.

Sienna refuses to be left out of this chapter.

Mysterious unseen visitor returns!

This chapter is a bizarre reunion of most of the characters we've encountered so far.

Kindest person you'll ever know.

Hey, it worked.

Progress is made.

Cheaper than owning a safe, I suppose.

Ah yes, I almost forgot about that subplot.

Ah, he did have it after all.


Thus the episode concludes and a new chapter begins.


Tune in next time, where much happens and there is little to play.
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Bonus Youtube vids:


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The shortest chapter yet!

These scenes are pretty one-note, aren't they?

Wait, you get HIRED for that?

Plus he's an eight foot tall sharkman! Damn!


Meddling kids!

When it comes to disappearing things, putties have it down. Their shipwrighting still needs some work though.

Also, this scene looks very familiar, right down to the screen fading out to avoid random barrel violence.

Language barrier's still an issue.

Back to familiar territory for us!

Oh yeah, we unlocked another new class: Fenrirs. They've got great Attack and Speed stats but their proficiencies are balls.

Putty vanishes into the background.

Hey, it's Hogg. And he's a little sore about Marona's flimsy lie.

Maybe we should consider a career as ecoterrorists.

Cheesy moral dilemma ahoy.

"Everyone but you, that is! Enjoy the hospital!"

I really hope that wasn't meant as a pun.


Not much to say about these maps; we've seen them all before, but now they're littered with generic fighters. This particular field has a treasure beaming out Unarmed protection to everyone on the map, so you'll have to make do with whatever skills you have on your characters (but so will the enemies).


Even Ash realizes he's being way too cheesy.


This line sounds suspiciously like something out of Castle Shikigami.

We're awfully popular these days.

Alright, I can't help but chuckle at this.

Sudden burst of confidence!

Another familiar map with a lot of fighters. There's a circle of rocks transmitting Speed +50% to one another, though, so use those to your advantage.


More fighters, and a couple Putties in between them giving them Experience x2 Protections, so it's to your benefit to protect the Putties here.


He doesn't put nearly as much emphasis on the word as the text implies.

"Everyone else we've fought was hunan, he's literally a beast!"

2. (Chem.) A deep yellow powder; the oxide of some metal calcined to a red or deep yellow color; esp., the oxide of iron ({Crocus of Mars or colcothar) thus produced from salts of iron, and used as a polishing powder.
[1913 Webster]

Ah, still keeping with the color theme. Also, does that make him a Chroma Oxide?

Drab's at level 40 with a bunch of 35 minions, and his Mega Crocus can deal some serious damage; fortunately he can only use it twice before he runs out of MP.

There's also a couple Protective items to help you out. The former's pretty handy for offsetting Crocus damage.

Guess they didn't have time to draw a "face down" sprite for him, so he just turns into a Merchant for about half a second before his minions carry him off.

Hogg gives us a vague threat and then vanishes.

The ending's pretty lackluster too. But wait!

He's back.

It's hard to see clearly in the screenshot, but that's Sienna's rainbow bird/putty thing in the background.

Next: Chapter 12, where an annoying villain becomes an annoying anti-hero.
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Bonus Youtube Vid:

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Yeah, I know, it's been a long time since I've updated this. Just know that I haven't abandoned it, though - I just wanted to play through Disgaea 2 and Persona 3 on a TV instead of in a 4" window on my computer monitor. I'll pick this project back up eventually.
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Did a bit more random dungeoning to get Belchosneech and Master Shake up to speed, and picked up some new monster classes in the process.

Mimics, like Slimes, have pretty low stats all-around; their only saving grace is their very high Defense. As their desciptor implies, you can have one of your party members wield them to give themselves a major defensive boost in a pinch (a tactic employed by particularly annoying enemies).

Lady Zombies, which are very similar to plain Zombies, but their best proficiency is Special Physicals rather than plain Physicals.

Putties! They're great with Time/Space skills, decent with Plant skills and have mostly average stats. As the plot so far implies, they're also adept at stealing.

Putty Mages. Very weak physically, but they have very high INT and RES, high proficiencies with Elemental magic, and are decent with Plant and Space/Time.


Anyway, on with the plot.

"He's been raiding my stuff!"

Putty pulls his disappearing act again.

Well, now we're in a jam.


About five minutes ago, in fact.

Ivoire's medicare system apparently leaves a lot to be desired.

More nihilism for you.

Another quandry to solve.

Three birds with one stone!

To the boat!

Nope. Bye!

That's quite a commute.

Faded, eh?

Yep, this'll come up again later.

Or... sending it through time and space or whatever.

"Just make sure he doesn't disappear your house or something."


I did that once.

Yeah, he tried to hork our island.

Guess she doesn't remember him.


He's gone "creepy uncle" on us.

I must admit, it was pretty fun.

Where is all this "evil" talk coming from, anyway?

Sarcasm ahoy.

Ah crap, not him again.

"That and his grating, screechy voice drove them all away."

I hope so.


I just said I never actually joined, man.

Wait, what?

I really hope this wasn't intended as a Pokemon reference.

Well, they did seem to be doing pretty well on their own.


Pretty average map here; just a handful of Fenrirs and two Dragons with some minor bonus-giving Protections.

Poetic justice.

Kind of ironic, this whole situation.

Whole bunch of monsters this time, some getting bonuses from other monsters that stand between you and them. So if you want those, you'll have to run past the ones blocking your path, or make sure you do only enough damage to leave them barely alive so you can attack the ones receiving the Protection.

The enemies are more numerous and a bit tougher here, but they once again are receiving plenty of bonus Experience and Mana protections. There are also a few Protections you can use to your advantage, like the Strengthen +20% being proadcast between two objects on the board.

The way he says this line is so pitiful you can't help but chuckle.

Ah Canary, you hilarious hypocrite.


The three major enemies here are a Fenrir, a Hell Corgi and a Dragon, each getting some seriously hefty protections from one another and from the Ghosts nearby them. The fact that it's also a fairly large, convoluted map can end up stretching your forces too thin if you're not careful. The best plan here is to pick the three groups off one at a time, preferably starting with the Fenrir and ending with the Dragon (which you should save your strongest Phantoms for).


"This map's layout is really annoying, I can't take much more!"

I don't think I'd approach a monster I just pummeled senseless.

With protection like this, who needs endangerment?


We were just interested in the one island, actually.

Another case closed.

Hey, this guy's not so bad after all.

Nobody saw that coming!

Still has a bit of creepiness to him though.


Back on the Isle of Healing Waters:

A plan is hatched!

Off to a good start.


Next time: Chapter 11, where much is rehashed.
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Bonus Youtube Vids:

Castile and Cauldron

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Surprisingly short chapter this time - only four fights and some short dialog scenes.

I've heard of several desert islands, but never one actually named that.

Oh, I get it!

This is all sounding very familiar.

Are you by chance related to Buggy the Clown?

We've beaten both him and his impostor before, why not?

It happens.


This first map's simple - just a bunch of slimes, mimics and blobs, four of which are getting Experience x2 and Heal 20% Protections from this rock.

The second map is pretty much the same, just that it's a different board and the enemies have a Strengthen 10% Protection instead of Heal 20%.


Yep, it's him again.

Looks like Sulphur's up to no good again.

Throwdown time.

More slime enemies and, of course, Raphael himself. He's getting some minor protections from objects around the board, but they're not all that significant; just send a few decent Phantoms after him and he should be defeated without much trouble.


Looks like he's not done yet.

Showing up to kick some ass.

"He's not even the same RACE as me! What a lousy impostor."

He's been returning for quite a while.

Throwing down a second time.

Yep, he's got an Invincible protection this time, and he's at a much higher level to boot. If you come here at the recommended level he can probably drop you in 1-2 hits. Fortunately, that's what Raphael's here for - he'll keep the guy distracted while you get rid the objects broadcasting the Invincible protection. There's three cacti on the corners of the board doing this - either wreck them or toss them out and Raphael will be able to defeat him in 1-2 hits.

You can also steal Raphael's Heliotrope sword again here (getting a total of two if you did this last time), but you should only do this if you're sure you can beat the phony without it - he's pretty weak without his weapon.

It's like the killing of Rasputin!

Well, that did the trick.

Another mysterious figure finally gets named.

Sacred sword, eh? Pretty unbefitting of someone with Dark Eboreus.

Looks like they're not on the best of terms.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't want to fight him!

Fortunately, he decides against fighting us.

He's hell-bent on getting rid of Sulphur, at any rate. No pun intended.

Say what?

What's this guy's beef with Raphael anyway?

What a creep.


Well, he'd probably be a lot nicer about it than I would.

So long, jackass!

Next time: Chapter 10, where we'll see a lot of old faces.
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Bonus Youtube Vids:

Chapter 9 Intro

Raphael and Sprout
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